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Esther Polak, Ieva Auzina and RIXC - Riga Center for New Media Culture


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Ieva Auzina
Esther Polak
Markus The (software development)
Raitis Smits (website development)

Esther Polak:
Born in Amsterdam in 1962

Esther Polak is visual artist, born and living in Amsterdam. After a period of working as a layout editor at differed magazines, she developed an interest in the mutual influence of text and image. This lead into a broader field of interest: the technological, social and cultural mediated gaze..

One of her earlier projects was Amsterdam RealTime, diary in traces: Ten inhabitants of Amsterdam carried per week a GPS tracer with them in the period 4 October - 1 December 2002. They participated in a real time mapmaking project in which their routes through town are made visible on a projection screen in the exhibition space: The participants were asked to go about their normal daily business and switch on the GPS tracer when they are 'en route'. The traces on screen form an alternative, highly personal map of the city. This was a joint project of artists Esther Polak, Waag and Society Jeroen Kee.

Another ongoing project of Esther Polak is “the preparatory national course on image dictation” For this Esther Polak organizes a series of special lessons in which participants are being trained to see more..

Ieva Auzina:
Born in 1975, lives in Riga, Latvia.

Background in art history. Since 1998 working together with e-lab (electronic arts center in Riga, Latvia) and since 2000 working in RIXC - Riga Center for New Media Culture.

As a free-lance curator since 1999 has organised various projects in contemporary art, new media, cross-disciplinary culture. Author of texts & concepts for different events, catalogues, projects, etc.

Research in Latvian experimental film of 1970 – 80 (archive of ZATK – Experimental film studio at former Soviet Latvian Science Academy).

Markus The

Raitis Smits