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Press review

Inga Šteimane, Forums, 15-22 December 2004.

Zaiga Treimane, owner of the farmstead Jaundzelves in the Katvari Parish and Chairman Mārtiņš Ritums Treimanis’ spouse, describes farmer’s life as close to art’s creative value.
Inga Šteimane:
Why did you agree to participate in the project Milk? Weren’t you afraid?
Zaiga Treimane:
I always experiment and accept challenges. At first I was afraid of all the premises in my house being recorded.
What did you like now, in the completed work?
Dutch ask for our cheese in the Dutch market! I thought it was not real – these talks about our cheese produced at Limbažu piens and exported abroad. It turned out as true, it is exported and demanded. So we could produce also more milk.
Did you get to know something more about your work?
Yes, it is one of most important news that cheese is being exported and demanded as well. All the time we had no real idea how it is.
Can art bring joy?
Nature is what I enjoy most. The changing beauty – in spring, summer, autumn… There is a forest close to our farm. And when I feel exhausted I get quickly to the forest. Low spirits are gone, I go home and everything is OK.
How did you perceive Milk – as art?
I was interested what are my daily routes, how they would be shown by GPS.
Is there something to be corrected?
No! There is nothing to be added or removed. But an interesting drawing emerges.