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Ilga Grinberga and Aina Rudzite
The two magic sisters of jocular farming. They follow in the footsteps of their parents and have a truly ecological approach, leaving, for example, the horns on their cows.

"We walk all day...from the barn to the house, from the stalls to the kitchen, and then back again..."
"Yes, and to the well to pump the water."
"There goes Ilga... She starts early in the morning and later comes in for breakfast. She also prepares feed for the calves. And she comes and goes, back and forth all day."
"It all turns out to be a beautiful drawing."
"Why did you decide to leave the horns on your cows? Nowadays everybody takes them off."
"But why take them off? All it does is hurt them a lot. In Soviet times the collective had more than 200 cows, all with horns and there was never a problem with them fighting or hurting each other."