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Dirk and Piet Vonk
These brothers are Henk Vonk’s nephews, and cheese has been in their blood for generations. Through their own family contacts, they sell the Rigamont cheese in the Netherlands.

Piet Vonk: "This is Stolwijk, my track. That’s how I drove. Down there, in the south, that's Ittervoort, at Henk Vonk’s, where I picked up the cheese."

Dirk Vonk: 'I have a shorter round! But it still takes more time than Piet's. Via Billijk to Oudewater, almost the same route on the way back, and I stopped several times in Bodegraven. And this spot is Veldhuijzen, where I delivered the Parmesan cheese. He turned out to be home, so it took me a little more time. But the electronic clock still must be wrong!"

A big difference between the tracks of the two brothers!
Dirk Vonk: "They are different kinds of trade – wholesale and retail. And later, Alexander cuts down the cheese into even smaller parts, at the market.
When I hold a cheese like this in my hands, I often wonder whose plate it will end on...."