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Petra Branderhorst
As a fan of both Italian food and cheese, she is one of Mr. Veldhuijzen’s regular customers.  The Milkproject brought back a wealth of childhood memories of dairy farming in Netherlands: jumping in haystacks and the smell of fresh cheese.

"After that we took a bus. That’s why it is acting so weird!
Yes. A fuzziness in the left corner, then a detour for buying the cheese at the market, and the train, up north!
I also remember that in Holland, those milk cans were put alongside the road…
I found four pictures of the farm back then, in the tiny village of Rijpwetering.
Now I see that I only took pictures of things that mattered to me as a child.
I did not photograph the muddy yard, the painting of the barn, the making of the cheese, all the worn-out tractors they used to keep… Now I have to imagine all those things back into these pictures. But I still see all that in the pictures you brought from Latvia, it looked exactly the same over here, back then, in the sixties."