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Alexander Veldhuijzen
Open-air market salesman. He knows the tastes of every one of his customers, and always has them taste a piece before buying, managing to seduce each customer into happily purchasing his cheese.

"There, I drove really slowly around the roundabout. On Saturdays I am pulling a heavy trailer, full of cheese."
"One moment …
Here, I can see that the dot moves left. What did you do?"
"Early Saturday mornings, there is never a soul on the road.
So I drive the short way around. It's faster…"

"Wilhelmus a Brakel, a well-known preacher, had already put your project beautifully into words!
He lived from 1635 till 1711, but this is really language for today. So I had a search on Saturday evening, and I was glad I found this text:
"When thou sitteth at thine table to eat, hath not all heaven and earth served thee?
Think about the countless souls who laboured to produce the table, the linens, knives, plates, glasses, bread, meat, the wine and beer… See there the good hand of thy Father Who sendeth others to bring it to thine home, even were it thousands and thousands of miles away from the place were you liveth.""